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Natural born shooters.

They love what they do, and we think it shows.

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He'll make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again (kind of like a good movie). He shoots films. He's got a #1 ranked podcast on iTunes, where he complains about how hard it is to shoot those films. Timothy has 15 years experience as a broadcast producer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and has directed for Milk, Tostitos, Cheetos, Comcast and other fun brands. 


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Ed wears lots of hats (both literally and figuratively), which makes him a force on set. Not only can he shoot, but he's got a handle on producing that few others can match. With his "no barrier too big" attitude, Ed has shot for Apple, Budweiser and Honda, just to name a few.


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With a degree in Audio/Video Engineering and another in Fine Art, Donavan sits balanced between the technical and creative worlds. He is truly a weapon with a camera in his hands, but we think his work speaks for itself. 



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