Capitol Art

GSP Tostitos Directors

Hello. We are capitol art. it's nice to meet you. 


Let's talk about how we'd like to collaborate with your lovely agency.

Capitol Art is a creative production company based in San Francisco. We specialize in concept development, film production, and post production (editing and motion graphics).

We love the script you sent over. We're stoked about giving NFL fans and Tostitos chips their slo-mo moment of glory. 

Below are a selection of our directors who all bring something different to the table. Have a look and enjoy! We are always around to talk, so if you'd like to learn or see more all you have to do is call.


Plummer Strauss.png


Please meet Justin (the Plummer) and Martin (the Strauss). You can call them Plummer/Strauss. They're filmmakers based in California and have been featured in SHOOT Magazine’s New Directors Showcase and shortlisted for a Young Director Award in Cannes. 


Cali Bonidad.png


As a filmmaker with both an agency and editorial background, Cali has an integrated understanding of the entire commercial-making process. From ideation to execution, she has a keen grasp of how to tell stories through a brand's unique voice. Cali's work spans a diverse roster of clients, such as Nike, YouTube, The North Face, Muscle Milk, Nest, Georgia Power, Ben & Jerry's, and Nordstrom Rack, including projects with NBA superstars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. 

Ed Ng.png


Ed is a one-two punch as both a director and accomplished cinematographer. Equal parts technical and creative, Ed brings an arsenal of skills with a camera to his directing. With his "no barrier too big" attitude, Ed has shot for Apple, Budweiser and Visa, just to name a few.